Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What you Should Know About Catamarans

Catamaran Philippines

In the Philippines, if we ask common Filipinos, “What is a Catamaran?” their answer might be lazy or tamad because it sounds alike to a common Filipino term “katamaran” or “laziness” and will joke that it only changed its spelling. So, now I’m asking you, What do you know about Catamarans? According to wiktionary, the word Catamaran was derived from the tamil word “kattumaram”, a monohull raft used by the Dravidian people, from “maram” which means “tree” or “wood” and is defined as a raft which is composed of two or more logs. Now, the present word Catamaran means twin-hulled ship.(For your boating needs, try visiting rayomarine.com-a distributor of Catamaran in the Philippines)


Basically the Catamarans are faster than mono-hulled boats because of its hull shape and composition. It does not use keel to make it upright. It uses thin needle like hulls significantly reducing wave drag.

The catamarans are considerably more stable than single hulled boats because they have wider beams. They roll back and forth with the wave while it is anchored on a shore which eliminates sea-sickness.

Catamarans can be maneuvered easily because each hull has its own engine.

More Mobile
With its shallow draft, it can reach through the shallow parts of the water unlike the monohulls which have keels. Anchors can also be planted to the nearest shore.

Distinctive Disadvantages

Though it is very unlikely to see a modernly created Catamaran capsizing, but given the right conditions, these boats are known to lean forward and sink.

Buying a Catamaran is a no joke for it is very expensive. It is essentially not for everyone. Before purchasing a Catamaran, one should be well aware of his own boating abilities because it is different from the traditional boats.

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