Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Things to Look Out for When Buying Your Catamaran

There are many factors that are usually taken into account when it comes to purchasing new things especially when the thing to be purchased is as expensive as yachts. Catamaran is a good choice if you plan to spend your time in sailing. Its two hulls give smoother sailing which wouldn’t cause you being sea sick. But apart from this distinctive quality, other factors must also be considered:

1. Simplicity of sailing

Usually buyers of these kinds of boat consider other factors that do not include the maneuverability of the vessel and only discover problems of driving it after purchasing. That is why it is important to test drive the yacht before buying the boat.

2. Length

Just remember this, “the larger the boat the better.” If your boat is larger it would provide stability and larger deck which will increase comfort for all the passengers.

3. Maintenance

Be sure that the engine is easy to access and is easy to repair. Buy a Catamaran with newer engines as it is easier to buy spare parts of newer engines than that of old ones.

4. Storage and livability

The storage space inside your boat is very essential for those who want to stay longer in the sea. Bring all your things needed for maintenance, supplies like oil, fuel and even water that can attend the needs of your engine. Also consider spaces for your water toys, toiletries, books and different supplies. As for livability, consider your catamaran’s headroom, number of cabins, etc.

5. Draft

The draft is the distance of the boat which is submerged underwater. Getting boats with small drafts would be the best because you can explore shallow waters easily. The usual draft of catamarans measures from 1 to 4 feet.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Guess the Picture, Solve the Puzzle!

Catamarans are like two mono-hulled boats which are combined together side by side. A combination of two hulls provides stability in a way that it is also becoming famous alternative for sailing beside from yachts. This puzzle is not the catamaran used by families to sail but is rather used by famous athletes in the sport of catamaran sailing.(This is brought to you by rayomarine.com- a distributor of boats, sailboats, yachts and catamarans in the Philippines.)